Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is God a Communist?

Note : In this blog, communism is not related to politics but it is just used as an idea.

This blog is for people who believe in God. If you dont believe in god you can stop right here and do some useful work.

Other people can continue this useless work(:P)

The assumption is simple. We dont have any thing and we get every thing from some source.

Take few things for example. Avatar, intelligence ,abilities ,skills,attitude ,oppurtunities and Love.If God was a communist he should have distributed the above mentioned "whatever" with equal values .If we assume such a scenario exist and every body gets the best of above all, what will happen? I ll be composing "Hosana song"( A.R. Rehman's )and i ll be giving night mares to shane warne who is also eqaully capable of giving night mares to me.

I think such a life will be boring.Dont you think so? I assume you say yes to this.
If you say no that means you believe that the system is incorrect and you got your answer to the title question(I dont want to tell if he is fair or unfair). The argument ends here.

For people who think its yes, we will continue.

So there should be a system where every one is having different combination of so many paramaters, so that life becomes more interesting. So based on what criteria they can be distributed? May be god has his own appraisal system... and he is trying to fit every one in a bell curve (Really funny thought ! but its possible. In Hindu religion it is called as KARMA)

So may be the entire system was started of with some thing with every one having equal values of "what ever " set and today what we have is because that is what we deserve.. :)(Forgot to mention, this argument assumes that rebirth is valid)

So based on the argument above you can decide what god is.



  1. Rag,
    how many blogs you have?
    Lol @ appraisals,bell curve.

    Nice to see you blog..keep writing and keep venting

  2. yeah...
    God ?
    Ans: Who does the tinkering work of making the curve bell shaped!

  3. @Nirmal.. This will be my Permanent blog link.On the first three occasions instead of creating posts i was creating blog.Dont laugh.. It happens.. :)

    @Pavan Thank you.

    @SSB In this case it need not be exactly bell curve because there is no body to question.

  4. very impressive title :) raghavan .I like it :)

  5. @Meenakshi .. So you like only the title ? not the post huh? :P

  6. Raag, U pushed me out in second line.. But who cares :P

    //what we have is because that is what we deserve//
    Very Much true.. But Appraisal is just a Blame game..


  7. @Naveen : So good that i have a close friend who dont believe in god . I can have heated arguments with u when we both are free.. :P

  8. @Raghavan:Doesnt mean that i like your Title alone.immm.......
    I can made a statement "Might be neutral to your
    opinion in the post ;)".