Sunday, January 31, 2016

is God a Communist - Change in perception - Part 2

Is God a Communist? - 2010 

Change in perception (2011-2015)

In 2010, It just started out as a curios act to understand about the nature of our existence. In 2011, I just collected some information  and try to "intellectually" understand it. If you are in India,  if you have little interest in this area, I should say that the information will simply pour into you. Many people in this  region have devoted their life time to under stand it. When I knew more ( or Should I say I came to know that I know very very little?),It really amused me how carefully and consciously they have crafted this culture . You may argue that there are some fundamental flaws in this. But if you look at it from a bigger picture and if you have a deeper perception which can go till the roots you will understand the intricacies of it. Earlier,I had challenged many of the customs/rituals that we follow . I had many arguments with elders  (still continue to have on certain occasions!!!)  on following customs which doesn't   convince my logical mind. There was no authority which I can rely upon to get convincing answers. I read quite a lot of books from OSHO's online library during one of my business trip in korea . That man was a genius. 

I started reading books from OSHO and started watching many of his videos as well. Through him I got introduced to many wise masters like Sri Ramana, Sri Jiddu Krishna Murthy etc. I also got introduced to the concepts of Tao, zen,chrisitianity and sufisim. OSHO gave an absolute new perspective about every thing and it made perfect sense to me. In fact,  I would never ascribe to anybody's view on life and philosophies except OSHO and Sadhguru(Soon, I will explain my encounter with this great master). From my child hood, I had this confusion on how to go about life. With all due respect to the elders that I have encountered, they had opinions and views, but lacked clarity and consistency. Like every other humans, they also struggled with their life situations and would respond and react differently at different times.This was making me more confused. I should say that I am lucky to encounter these great masters, otherwise I would have definitely got lost.

During my childhood, we were subscribing to a weekly tamil magazine in which Sadhguru used to write an article called "Athanaikum Asai Padu". I was attracted to these masters who personified themselves as intellectual rebels. Both OSHO and Sadhguru had this quality of explaining the science of spirituality backed with logic.I somehow wanted to continue with live master and I slowly got dragged to Sadhguru. During the business trip in korea that I mentioned earlier, I had my first spritual experience ( Beyond Physical). I decided to continue with my spritual quest and this time I thought I will take some initiative and learnt few spiritual practices from Sadhguru. My psyche got changed completely from 2010 to 2015.

Coming back to my change in views,I got a total new perspective of creation during this time. 

This notion of somebody/something created me was an illusion. I am continuously creating myself. I am responsible for whatever is happening it to me.

So this simply means the existence has given every thing to every one what they want. So why then there is poverty and suffering? Because, all our wants/desires are not a conscious outcome. But we unconsciously create our own suffering. Its as simple as we get what we want!!!. The existence simply gives what you want. It doesn't matter if it is for yourself or somebody.

So god or existence is not a communist, but it just gives. we should be careful what we ask for!!!

The above statement,when I look at with some insight, makes me more responsible and enable to transform. Somehow, we made ourselves the way we are! It also gives us a chance to make ourselves the way we want it. I no longer blame some body for my life.

I also have no problem going to temple. The idea of temple got changed. Even now, I don't go to temple to pray. But I don't have any problem going to temple. If we understand the reason why and how the space is created, we can appreciate and respect the space.

is god a communist? I can clearly say No. Why? He is a big time gamer.Its better to understand and play along with him!!!

Thanks to all the Masters of all time.

(P.S: Will Edit and make it better some time)


  1. Good one Raghavan...
    You should write an article on your first beyond physical spiritual experience...

    1. Its very difficult. Will definitely try