Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Change in perception

Some time back i published a blog with the title " is god a communist?", this blog is very much related to that.
( I would recommend you to go through the other blog before reading this)

My perception on the world is changing continuously. I would rather say the level of ignorance at different times is different .

The in equality among every thing is just an illusion. Every form of energy is transforming itself into some thing continuously.

Every form has transformed itself into some thing because that is what it wanted to become...

So the desire is what is driving every form and makes it take a new form every time. So i am like this now because this is what i wanted to become..

In this journey of taking new forms every time i collect so many "likes and dislikes" which makes my personality.

So every energy form as long as it has different likes and dislikes (duality) will hold this personality. Once it sheds the likes and dislikes the personality is gone and there is just pure energy which is divine.

It is not that I am like this because some body (Say god) made me like this ,it is that i am like this because i want to be this out of my own choice.

So if we want to be some thing else or even nothing we have to do it out of our own choice...

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
Gautama Buddha

I think my blog reflects the above statement ..

I don't know even the above assumption will hold for long .. let me wait and see..

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